Bail Bondsman Miami | Understanding Bail Conditions

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So, you have been arrested and the judge has set an amount or bail for your temporary release. Unfortunately, you don’t have enough money to pay the bail on your own. This is when you have to seek help from a bail bondsman Miami. As a defendant, you are required to pay 10% of the bail amount to the bail bondsman to have your bail bond posted. Remember that the 10% you paid to the bail bondsman is non-refundable. The 10% fee is mandated by Florida state law and it represents the bail bondsman’s compensation for services rendered.

The Process of Posting Bail for Someone

A Florida bail bondsman will be paid a 10% non-refundable fee, and in return, he will put up the full amount of the bond with the court. He then ensures the court that the defendant will be present at any court hearing until the case is over. If the defendant misses a court hearing, the bondsman has the authority to apprehend and return the defendant to jail. After the jail received the bail bond from a bail agent, the person in jail will be booked out and released from jail.

Why is Posting Bail Required?

A bail is a monetary amount pledged to the court and is determined by the judge to ensure the arrested person’s appearance at future court hearings while the case is still ongoing. Some of the things a judge may consider when deciding for the amount of bail is the person’s ties to the community, the severity of the new crime committed, criminal history, and past failures to appear in court.

who offers the best bail bondsman miami?

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South Florida Bail Bonds | Laws in Florida Regarding Bail Bonds

what are South Florida bail bonds?

There are laws that bail bond agents have to know regarding South Florida bail bonds. This law applies for bounty hunters, bail enforcement, fugitive apprehension, and a bail bondsman. The State of Florida’s bail bond law statutes are as follows:

  • Florida Administrative Code (AR), Chapter 4-221
  • Florida Statutes (FS) Chapter 648, Chapter 903

These bail bond statutes do not appear to allow local jurisdictions to modify or change statutes or regulations. 

Florida Requirements for Bail Agents

A bail agent must have or obtain a license (AR 4-221.001, FS 648.26, 648.30) to be able to undertake bail in the State of Florida. There are two kinds of bail bond agent that Florida law recognized. They are the following:

  • A Limited Surety Agent – Defined as a person appointed by an insurer to execute bail bonds [FS 648.25(6)]
  • A Professional Bail Bond Agent – A person who pledges US currency as security for a bail bond [FS 648.25(7)]. A professional bail bond agent has the same requirements as in FS 648.34. In addition to that, he/she should file a detailed financial statement under oath with each application for licensure or renewal [FS 648.35(1)]. He/she should also file the rating plan proposed for use in writing bail bonds. The rating plan must be approved by the office of the Department of Insurance (DOI) [FS 648.26] before the issuance of the license [FS 648.35(2)]. 

Does The State of Florida Allow Bounty Hunters?

The State of Florida has bounty hunter (fugitive apprehension) provisions and does not allow bounty hunters. Apprehension of bail fugitives is only allowed as specified in FS 648.30 (2) & (3)

(2) No person shall represent herself or himself to be a bail enforcement agent, bounty hunter, or other similar titles in Florida.

(3) No person, other than a certified law enforcement officer, shall be authorized to detain, apprehend, or arrest a principal on a bond, wherever issued, unless that person is qualified, licensed, and appointed as provided in this chapter or licensed as a bail bond agent by the state where the bond was written. 

Violation of this is a 3rd class felony. [FS 648.30 (4)]

who offers South Florida bail bonds?

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If you have more questions concerning South Florida bail bonds, reach out to us. Contact MIA Bail Bonds today for bail bond assistance or any inquiries.